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Hi and welcome to Brighteyez! My name is Debbie, and my little boy is Mr T.

I've never really been into kids clothing being too cutesy, I love them to be quirky, playful and cool! So when my little boy came along, it was important to me that he stand out from the crowd, and have his own style early on. Easier said than done, and I ended up scouring the internet for the perfect pieces for Mr. T.

And that is how brighteyez happened.

Brighteyez is for style savvy parents of kids who are not afraid to be unique. Cool, urban playful designs in palettes made to mix and match, and creative fun prints to inspire your littlies. I love things to be well made, comfortable and to last, so that has been taken into consideration when selecting each designer and brand. The love and attention is in the detailing.

So please, stay a while and browse our little store..... hopefully you will love these clothes as much as I do.